About Us

About Us

Established in 2017 as an on-demand part time job matching for university students, SOLVIEPRO has evolved into an on-demand mobile platform and a cutting-edge app, providing a wide range of services that include transportation, logistics, and many other on- demand services. "

SOLVIEPRO is a Malaysian subsidiary who has a mission to assist Malaysians in various aspects of life and livelihood. Solviepro wants to be the leader in three key areas: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, TRUST AND INNOVATION

Three  SOLVIEPRO Vision

SOLVIEPRO always ensures that every customer is best served and SOLVIEPRO always strives to ensure that the Customer is satisfied every time using SOLVIEPRO

SOLVIEPRO not only pledged to serve our customers, but SOLVIEPRO wants to help Malaysians increase income and build a prosperous life
SOLVIEPRO will ensure that we provide the best technology through the application of innovation within our company.

Creating Benefits and Social Impact Through On-Demand Technology

SOLVIEPRO wants to be a proud business since it was developed in Malaysia. SOLVIEPRO aims to help improve the lives of residents in Malaysia in terms of speed of Technology Services and livelihood sharing. SOLVIEPRO wants more B40 in Malaysia to enjoy a good standard of living as well as drive Malaysia to reach the Next National Vision 2020. SOLVIEPRO wants to change the community's perceptions on "On-Demand" jobs that are often linked with "inability to guarantee the future". Because of that, SOLVIEPRO will work hard to ensure our technology not only increases revenue but is able to guarantee the future. SOLVIEPRO also provides benefits to Workers and Customers using SOLVIEPRO.