Insurance & Safety

  1. Customers are required to provide complete information regarding the type and specifications of the goods to be delivered.
  2. SOLVIEPRO  does not provide specific box for shipping. Customers are responsible for properly packing the goods to be delivered. For fragile items made of glass, ceramic and includes cakes, ice cream, food and fresh flowers, it is suggested that the item is specially packaged. SOLVIEPRO  is not responsible for damage or deformation that occurs upon delivery of such goods.
  3. The SOLVIEPRO  driver has been briefed to drive his vehicle in a safe manner. However, customers who use SOLVIEPRO  transportation services are responsible for their own safety. Therefore. if you feel uncomfortable with the way the SOLVIEPRO  driver is riding his motorcycle, please immediately alert the driver to be more careful.
  4. SOLVIEPRO  not provide delivery service for items which include the following:
    • Goods which are prohibited by the authorities to be owned or distributed,
    • Delivery of goods from and to prison,
    • Pets,
    • Items dimensions more than 70cm (length), 50cm (width), 50cm (height) or items weighing more than 20 kg.
  5. SOLVIEPRO  is not directly responsible for accidents involving SOLVIEPRO  drivers to either damage to the vehicle or personal injury caused by the accident. All expenses and charges that may arise on the incident would be directed to the personal responsibility of SOLVIEPRO  drivers. If there is information that can be helpful to the investigation as license plates of the motorbikes, SOLVIEPRO  can only help as a mediator in bringing both parties to find a solution regarding the issue.
  6. Solviepro Sdn Bhd provides coverage for all our PRO-RIDE customers. Accident coverage is up to RM3000.00*  and medical expenses are covered up to RM1300.00*.
  7. SOLVIEPRO  also provides insurance for lost items up to RM3000.00** ,as long as the goods are in accordance with the information provided (point 1). Nominal reimbursement will be based on the receipt of purchase and/or reference to the fair value of the price of goods.
  8. Voucher codes are strictly valid for one voucher per account within every promotion.

* Terms and Conditions apply. 
** Lost item coverage is provided by SOLVIEPRO SDN BHD for PRO-SEND service.